Mission & Vision

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) will serve to establish Indiana University, its strategic partner, IU Health, and its other research collaborators as a premier enterprise for sponsored clinical trials by:

  • Enhancing the clinical research engagement process
  • Streamlining contracting for industry sponsored clinical trials
  • Optimizing budgeting and study support/facilitation processes
  • Creating an optimal environment and workforce for clinical research
  • Increasing clinical trial participation and the number of clinical trials across the enterprise
  • Engaging key sponsors to enhance our partnerships


Strategic Objectives

The Office of Clinical Research will

  • Develop enterprise-wide approaches (e.g., policies, procedures and tools) to enhance the efficiencies and effectiveness of contracting, budgeting, and study support/facilitation process
  • Enhance the quality of clinical trials conducted across the enterprise
  • Ensure effective education and communication with key partners
  • Identify and monitor enterprise-wide metrics describing the level of ongoing industry sponsored clinical trial activities

Office of Clinical Research

Office of Clinical Research, 410 West 10th Street, Suite 1000 Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 Email: ocr@iu.edu

David Louden Director

Phone: 317-962-3554 Email: DLouden@IUHealth.org

Caren Geppert Associate Director

Phone: 317-274-2012 Email: geppertc@iu.edu

Deb Broach Assistant Director

Phone: 317-962-8966 Email: dbroach@iuhealth.org

Colin Terry Assistant Director

Phone: 317-962-2045 Email: cterry@iuhealth.org

Mona Geinosky Statewide Research Program Manager

Phone: 317-962-1134 Email: mgeinosky@iuhealth.org

Ian SerVaas Statewide Regulatory Quality Compliance Coordinator

Phone: 317-278-2858 Email: iservaas@indiana.edu

Gaurav Soni Senior Systems Analyst

Phone: 317-274-3131 Email: sgaurav@iu.edu

Keier Danté Senior Systems Analyst

Phone: 317-278-2812 Email: kdante@iu.edu

Lindsay Mann OnCore Enterprise Manager

Phone: 317-278-6638 Email: limann@iupui.edu

Christina Beard OnCore Application Coordinator

Phone: 317-274-7906 Email: cmbeard@iupui.edu

Marco Rankin OnCore Training and Support Specialist

Phone: 317-278-2871 Email: rankinma@iupui.edu

Office of Clinical Research—OnCore

Indiana University Office of Clinical Research—OnCore 410 West 10th Street Suite 1000 Indianapolis, IN 46202 Email: oncore@iupui.edu