Mission & Vision

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) will serve to establish Indiana University, its strategic partner, IU Health, and its other research collaborators as a premier enterprise for sponsored clinical trials by:

  • Enhancing the clinical research engagement process
  • Streamlining contracting for industry sponsored clinical trials
  • Optimizing budgeting and study support/facilitation processes
  • Creating an optimal environment and workforce for clinical research
  • Increasing clinical trial participation and the number of clinical trials across the enterprise
  • Engaging key sponsors to enhance our partnerships


Strategic Objectives

The Office of Clinical Research will

  • Develop enterprise-wide approaches (e.g., policies, procedures and tools) to enhance the efficiencies and effectiveness of contracting, budgeting, and study support/facilitation process
  • Enhance the quality of clinical trials conducted across the enterprise
  • Ensure effective education and communication with key partners
  • Identify and monitor enterprise-wide metrics describing the level of ongoing industry sponsored clinical trial activities

Office of Clinical Research

Indiana University University Clinical Affairs Office of Clinical Research 410 West 10th Street, Suite 1000 Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 Email: ocr@iu.edu

Kenneth Carlson Director

Phone: 317-278-2548 Email: khcarlso@iu.edu

Caren Geppert Associate Director

Phone: 317-274-2012 Email: geppertc@iu.edu

David Louden Associate Director

Phone: 317-962-3554 Email: DLouden@IUHealth.org

Deb Broach Assistant Director

Phone: 317-962-8966 Email: dbroach@iuhealth.org

Ronda, McNamee, RN, CCRC Assistant Director

Phone: 317-962-0816 Email: rmcnamee@iuhealth.org

Tessa Oakes, RN, CCRC Assistant Director

Phone: 317-962-5396 Email: toakes@iuhealth.org

Colin Terry Assistant Director

Phone: 317-962-2045 Email: cterry@iuhealth.org

Marian Helms Clinical Research Contract Coordinator

Phone: 317-278-2546 Email: marihelm@iu.edu

Ian SerVaas Statewide Regulatory Quality Compliance Coordinator

Phone: 317-278-2858 Email: iservaas@indiana.edu

Gaurav Soni Senior Systems Analyst

Phone: 317-274-3131 Email: sgaurav@iu.edu

Keier Dante Senior Systems Analyst

Phone: 317-278-2812 Email: kdante@iu.edu

Lindsay Mann OnCore Enterprise Manager

Phone: 317-278-6638 Email: limann@iupui.edu

Christina Beard OnCore Application Coordinator

Phone: 317-274-7906 Email: cmbeard@iupui.edu

Marco Rankin OnCore Training and Support Specialist

Phone: 317-278-2871 Email: rankinma@iupui.edu

Office of Clinical Research—OnCore

Indiana University Office of Clinical Research—OnCore 410 West 10th Street Suite 1000 Indianapolis, IN 46202 Email: oncore@indianactsi.org