Advarra Participant Payments

Advarra Participant Payments is an automated system integrated with OnCore that helps pay research subjects securely and effortlessly after each visit. 

This system reduces administrative burden and improve operational efficiency by eliminating manual and time-consuming processes:

    • Pay automated stipends immediately
    • Streamline the travel reimbursement process
    • Keep track of finances with built-in reports
    • Monitor finances with increased security features

OnCore Integration with Participant Payments

    • Streamline data entry and participant payments workflows
    • OnCore provides data through the HUB to Participant Payments
    • After this link has been established, Payments gets notified by the Hub when there is updated information available
    • Click here to learn more (Link to learning portal doc OnCore Integration with Participant Payments Revised September 10, 2020)

Training and System Access

Training is available online at your convenience. To register, click on the link below.