Cerner PowerTrials

What is PowerTrials?

PowerTrials is an application within Cerner, IU Health’s electronic medical record, that enables transparency between clinical research and clinical care.

OnCore’s RPE interface automates the subject status from OnCore to Cerner to enhance patient safety and improve the clinical research workflow.

Key attributes of PowerTrials


Indicates that a patient is a subject in a clinical study by flagging them in the demographic (banner) bar of the electronic medical record.


Provides basic protocol and study contact information to all IU Health clinicians.


Notifies the study contact when a study participant is registered for an inpatient, outpatient or emergency visit at an IU Health facility.


Allows for subject recruitment from the IU Health patient population using screening tools built around the inclusion/exclusion criteria for a study (future functionality).

OnCore to PowerTrials process steps

PowerTrials access, training & documentation

To access request forms, web-based training, and documents for Cerner PowerTrials, click on the link below