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Eskenazi Health provides care to nearly 1 million outpatient visitors each year. Eskenazi Health’s mission is to Advocate, Care, Teach and Serve, with special emphasis on the vulnerable populations of Marion County, Indiana. Eskenazi Health is one of the leading providers of health care in Central Indiana, with physicians of Indiana University providing a comprehensive range of primary and specialty care services. Click here to access the Eskenazi Health website.

Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Health

720 Eskenazi Ave.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202


Eskenazi Health Research Application

Pharmacy Investigational Drug Services

Study Billing

For questions regarding research billing at Eskenazi Health; contact

Study Credentialing

All research personnel conducting research at Eskenazi Health are required to obtain researcher credentials (in addition to medical staff credentialing). Personnel are only required to obtain research credentialing one time (vs. for each research study).  Additionally, personnel must complete the annual re-credentialing process (submit annual TST and flu shot) in order to maintain researcher credentialing.  Each person must complete and submit the following forms for credentialing:

Complete and submit to the Eskenazi Health Medical Staff Affairs office:

Suzanne Maxwell, Medical Staff Coordinator at 317-880-4103 or

EPIC is Here at Eskenazi Health 

Eskenazi Health has officially gone Live with EPIC, their new EMR System as of October 1, 2016.

Epic provides an excellent opportunity for reporting, tracking and recruiting with patients. Additionally, all billing can be completely handled automatically for all research studies that designate certain costs to the research account.

With the implementation of Eskenazi Health’s new EMR, obtaining approval to conduct research at Eskenazi Health will adhere to the following process:

1)      Select Eskenazi Health as a study location within the IU IRB.

2)      Access the Eskenazi Health Research Forms (located on the Office of Clinical Research website).

3)      Complete the following:

  1. Eskenazi Health Research Application
  2. Research Credentialing Application Request Form
  3. Eskenazi Health Research Billing Account Request Form (if applicable)

Upon completion of the above items, an e-mail notification will be sent to confirm that all documents have been submitted. The Eskenazi Health Research Committee will review all of the provided documents and provide final approval. In order to obtain access to Eskenazi Health’s EMR, research staff will have to receive training for either ‘View Only’ and ‘Write-Access.’ Eskenazi Health recognizes the following research study criteria as a requirement to be entered into Epic: ‘Medically Relevant,’ ‘Investigational Drugs or Devices,’ and ‘Observational.’ Once the study record is configured in Epic, research staff will notify to have the research study activated.

Tipsheet: Accessing the Learning Home Dashboard

Tipsheet: Dashboards

For general questions regarding conducting research at Eskenazi Health; contact

For questions regarding research billing at Eskenazi Health; contact

For Epic training inquiries; contact

All requests for the configuration of Epic, including reporting needs, should be completed through Resource Central on E-Hub, located on the Citrix Portal or from within Epic on your Research Home Dashboard.