IU Health Enterprise Clinical Research Operations is the central trial coordination center for multiple IU Health Hospital facilities. It supports the management of both administrative and clinical aspects of pharmaceutical and device research trials. For help with clinical trial coordination, from contract negotiation and IRB protocol submission to the enrollment of subjects, the collection of data, and study close out—please contact us:


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Statewide Research

To better enhance our mission to provide research opportunities for all patients, ECRO has created the Statewide Research Network, a collaborative network of IU Health facilities that focuses on multisite clinical trials. Currently our main partners are IU Health Arnett, IU Health Ball Memorial, and IU Health Bloomington as well as the facilities within the Academic Health Center. Together, we are providing more opportunities for patients to enroll in essential clinical trials, but also saving each participating site time, money, and resources by sharing the work in opening and maintaining trials.

The Statewide Research Network is guided by the Statewide Research Operations team:

  • David Louden – Director of ECRO
  • Deb Broach – Associate Director of Statewide Research Operations
  • Mona Geinosky – Statewide Research Program Manager
  • Ian SerVaas – Statewide Regulatory Quality Compliance Coordinator

Beyond facilitating multisite trials, the team is also responsible for providing valuable research services to the network and its partners:

  • Standardizing research education and training
  • Centralizing and coordinating key administrative functions
    • Three Party CDA / CTA process
    • Collaborative Budget Negotiation
    • Centralized Regulatory Support
  • Monitoring and auditing statewide
  • Assisting with policy alignment and implementation
  • Facilitating research communications
  • Developing research infrastructure to strengthen efficiency
  • Monthly phone calls with research teams throughout the state