OnCore Available Services

Summary Accrual Request

All clinical research studies conducted at Indiana University and IU Health require entry into OnCore if they include a prospective component and provider services and/or require informed consent (OnCore Registration Requirements). Once entered in OnCore, subject accrual must also be entered and tracked. If your study meets the criteria listed below, each subject must be registered in the system individually. For studies not meeting these criteria, a request of Summary Accrual may be submitted.

Studies which may not request Summary Accrual:

  • Requires Safety Flags in the electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Requires Medicare Coverage Analysis
  • Requires the use of Research Billing Tools in OnCore
  • Categorized as Interventional
  • Requires IU Specimen Storage Services

To submit a request for summary accrual:

Data Entry Assistance

To support the needs of the research community, the OCR OnCore support team is available to assist research staff by entering basic protocol and subject information in OnCore. Please contact our office to speak with one of our team members about this service.

Request Reports

The ability to request Custom Reports will be coming soon.