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Summary Accrual Request

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) requires basic protocol information be entered for all clinical studies conducted in a prospective time frame that include provider services and/or require informed consent (OnCore Registration Requirements).  If your study meets these criteria and requires safety flags in the EMR, a Medicare Coverage Analysis, uses Research Billing tools, is Interventional or requires IU specimen storage services – under IU Policy, entry of the protocol and individual subject accrual information is required (CA-01).  If your study doesn’t have any of the aforementioned criteria, but Informed Consent is required – an application for Summary Accrual request may be submitted.  To submit a request for summary accrual please click the following hyperlink: (Summary Accrual Request Form).

Data Entry Assistance

To support the needs of the research community, the OCR OnCore support team is available to assist research staff by entering basic protocol and subject information in OnCore. Please contact our office to speak with one of our team members about this service.

Request Reports

Request Reports