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OnCore Implementation

Indiana University and IU Health are currently rolling out OnCore in conjunction with Cerner PowerTrials among different departments, divisions and research groups.  OnCore is a new addition to the support provided under the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) and was selected as the tool to assist us in meeting our objectives:

1)     Promoting patient safety,

2)     Facilitating recruitment, and

3)     Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of managing clinical trials across the research enterprise.

The first phase of implementation includes entry of basic protocol and subject information according to the minimum standardized requirements. Please contact the OnCore support team for more details.

Phase 1 Implementation Timeline

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Cerner PowerTrials

What is PowerTrials?

PowerTrials is an application within Cerner, IU Health’s electronic medical record, that enables transparency between clinical research and clinical care.

Key Attributes of PowerTrials:

  • Indicates that a patient is a subject in a clinical study by flagging them in the demographic (banner) bar of the electronic medical record.
  • Provides basic protocol and study contact information to all IU Health clinicians.
  • Notifies the study contact when a study participant is registered for an inpatient, outpatient or emergency visit at an IU Health facility.
  • Allows for subject recruitment from the IU Health patient population using screening tools built around the inclusion/exclusion criteria for a study (future functionality).

How do I get access to Cerner?

Access request forms can be found under the IU Health Records Request header on the Forms and Templates page of the Office of Research Compliance website.

Where can I receive training on Cerner applications used by the research community? 

What other documentation is available for Cerner PowerTrials? 

Requirements for VA Protocols – FAQ’s 

I am enrolling subjects at the VA-Only.  Does my study need to go in OnCore?

Yes, if ALL the following criteria are met!

  • OnCore Registration Requirements are met.
  • The PI/VA investigator has an IU-paid appointment and is using the IU paid appointment on this study.

I am enrolling subjects in parallel at the VA and IU or an IU affiliated institution.  Does my study need to go in OnCore?

Yes, if ALL the following criteria are met!

  • OnCore Registration requirements are met.

My study is considered to be collaborative research between the VA and IU.  Am I allowed to enter subjects in OnCore?

Yes.  If ALL the following criteria are met you will individually register subjects in OnCore.

  • OnCore Registration Requirements are met.
  • VA requirements are signed and approved by the VA R&DC.  (Note:  All VA subject SSN/MRN’s must be de-identified (eg: Short TitlePatient Sequence Number) Example: IMPACT-1001

My study is considered to be VA-Only research.  Am I allowed to enter subjects individually in OnCore?

No.  Subjects can only be entered in OnCore using “Summary Accrual.”

If you have any questions regarding OnCore eligibility please contact the RLR VA Research Administration:

For more clarification, click OnCore Entry Requirments for VA Protocols FAQ’s to view the PDF.



Standard Pricing Schedule for Industry Sponsored Clinical Research Studies:

A schedule of recommended fees for industry funded clinical research studies is available to Indiana University School of Medicine and Indiana University Health researchers.

The fee schedule serves as a guide to assist in the development of budgets for industry-funded clinical research studies by

  • Providing a consistent starting point for budget negotiations with sponsors.
  • Ensuring research teams more accurately estimate time/resources required for research activities.
  • Offering a fee schedule to develop a budget based on study complexity.
  • Promoting transparency of research related costs for industry sponsors.
  • Facilitating budget preparation as the current version of standard fees will be available in the OnCore® CTMS Charge Master or from the OCR.

For more information – please contact the Office of Clinical Research at or 317-278-2546.

Coverage Analysis

During the budget construction phase of clinical study initiation, a documented analysis of cost allocation must be completed. This coverage analysis is a systematic review of clinical trial documents to determine the costs of conducting the trial and assigning billable services and procedures to the sponsor, third party payer or patient/subject. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) to ensure that clinical services associated with research studies are billed appropriately. The analysis includes the following:

  • Qualifying trial determination: Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA) for drug studies
  • CMS determination documentation for device studies
  • Supplemental Coverage Review by the Medicare contractor Medical Director or Fiscal Intermediary for services for which coverage is not yet established
  • Review of cost allocation language in all study documents for consistency

OnCore can be used as a tool to assist you with your Coverage Analysis needs. It includes a checklist to help you determine and document that your study is a Qualifying Clinical Trial (QCT) according to Medicare rules. It can also record billing information for each procedure listed in the protocol and provide you with a Billing Grid that includes a calendar view of all scheduled procedures and their respective billing designations. Check out our OnCore Learning Manuals, Tools, Tips and FAQ’s for additional information on the Coverage Analysis Console of OnCore.