IU Health Biorepository

The biorepository has IRB approval to obtain and store specimens of interest to many investigators. Surgeries are the primary source of collected materials. However, blood, urine, hair, and nails can also be collected as requested. When fresh or fixed tissue is not requested, the material is flash frozen and stored at -140ºC. Fluids are stored at -80ºC. All specimens are annotated with the BTM database. Most of our collections are obtained by request of an investigator and released to the investigator when requested. If PHI is needed by the investigator, an IRB-approved protocol is required from the investigator. If no PHI is needed, the protocol is not required. Samples are available to any investigator within and outside of the IU Health system at a nominal fee on request.

In the past sixteen years, members of the biorepository team have collected over 120,000 specimens from almost 17,000 consented patients, and close to 53,000 biological specimens have been distributed to internal as well as external collaborators.

Biorepository Services

Collection and processing:

      • Fresh, Frozen, Formalin Fixed Tissue
      • Fresh or Frozen Bone, Cartilage
      • Whole Blood, serum, plasma
      • Urine
      • Saliva
      • Cerebrospinal Fluid
      • Synovial Fluid
      • Hair roots
      • Nail clipping

Distribution and shipping samples:

      • Ambient temperature
      • Wet Ice
      • Dry Ice



IUH ECRO Biorepository maintains patient confidentiality by using a database system, BTM, which utilizes unique patient identifiers. De-identified clinical and pathologic information may be passed along with the transport of the specimen, if requested by the investigator.

Cost /Recovery Fee

The Steering committee oversees the annual costs and charges for specimen collection, storage, distribution and shipping. Payment is requested within 60 days after delivery. Fee for Service rates are the same as the IU Simon Cancer Center and can be found here: https://cancer.iu.edu/research-trials/facilities/tissue/services.php

Please note that not all services listed on IU SCC Tissue procurement page are available at the IU Health Biorepository.


Only research requests presenting approved IRB protocols will be considered.

Prioritization of Work

The steering committee decides upon procedures mandating dispersal preferences as well as preference procedures for research requests within organizations providing support for the collection endeavor.

Publication Acknowledgment

If research supported by the IU Health Biorepository results in publication, please acknowledge this support by including the following in your publications:

We thank the IU Health Biorepository for providing us with _______ samples used in this study. (fill in blank with type of samples used)