Indiana CTSI: Comprehensive Drug Database Established with Support from Indiana CTSI, Lilly and NCATS

The Integrative Data Science Laboratory at Indiana University Bloomington, and Data2Discovery Inc., an IU spinoff company, have partnered with Eli Lilly and Co. to create a public database that links multiple data resources to 2,500 drugs tested by Eli Lilly.

The database, Phenotypic Drug Discovery Resource, was funded by grants from the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and Eli Lilly.

The work was overseen by David J. Wild, PhD, director of data science academic programs and CEO of Data2Discovery.

“The research has demonstrated a radically new approach to translational drug repurposing,” said Dr. Wild. “We expect it to catalyze scientific and research discoveries in both clinical and preclinical applications.”

The Integrative Data Science Laboratory and Data2Discovery developed technology to pull data about the drugs from multiple sources to create the comprehensive database. The goal is to advance drug discovery and health care intelligence.

To gather and organize the information, Data2Discovery created a data mining tool, Semantic Association Predication, based on research by the Integrative Data Science Laboratory. This work can be used to find new connections between drugs and their potential uses.

Already, the Semantic Association Predication method has created a list of drugs that could potentially be repurposed to treat mycobacterium tuberculosis. Planning is underway for these drugs to be laboratory tested.

Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute awarded a $50,000 grant to Data2Discovery. Eli Lilly matched the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute grant, and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences provided $97,300 for development of the list of potential mycobacterium tuberculosis drugs.

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