OCR Update


PowerTrials Key Changes

Researchers will see the following key changes to PowerTrials when IU Health upgrades Cerner on October 24, 2021:


On Treatment subject status now crossing to PowerTrials

When a subject is moved to on treatment after on study, the on treatment status and date will be sent to PowerTrials and will be available in PowerChart. It will be easier to tell if a subject failed to cross to Cerner at on study because the on treatment status will also fail, causing the subject to show as discrepant in the RPE Console.


Expanded demographic/banner bar clinical trial subject statuses

The Clinical Trial indicator contains information about the patient’s current participation status in clinical research trials. The details are being expanded to include the current research treatment status for interventional trials. The 5 possible statuses are defined below:

Clinical Trial: No data available

Never shown in a clinical trial in PowerTrials

Clinical Trial: On Study

Currently enrolled (on study) in a clinical trial

Clinical Trial: On Treatment

Currently on treatment in a clinical trial

Clinical Trial: Off Treatment

Currently off treatment in a clinical trial

Clinical Trial: Off Study

Currently off study for all clinical trials in PowerTrials


Arms descriptions in PowerChart

OnCore will begin sending information about which arm a subject is currently enrolled in to PowerTrials. The information will be able to be seen in the Clinical Research page by all clinicians. If the information is in OnCore, it will come to PowerTrials. There is no way to prevent it from crossing over into PowerTrials and being seen in PowerChart. PowerTrials can only take one stratum or arm at a time. The RPE will process any subsequent arm changes as an update and overwrite any existing data.


Availability of quick prescreening

Offers another tool that the IS Clinical Research team can use for leveraging the Cerner EMR to assist with patient recruitment.