OCR Update


Tracking subject visits in OnCore

Additional information must be provided to confirm the billing plan for each visit. The research charge review team uses OnCore coverage analysis as well as the individual subject calendar, the additional visits screen, and the electronic medical record to match visit and procedure dates. If the visit has not been tracked with appropriate dates in the patient calendar in OnCore, and the eMR does not contain additional notes that indicate the visit/procedure was conducted as part of the protocol, these charges will be released to the patient as unrelated to the study.

Study Coordinator’s responsibility in tracking Subject Visits:

  • Track the subject’s individual calendar in OnCore to confirm the date of service(s) for all procedures are accurate.
    • Update the date visit occurred if different from the planned date.
    • Review procedures for accuracy.
      • Mark procedures as missed or N/A as appropriate and , if necessary, document why.
      • If procedures occur on a different date, add that date in the procedure date section.
      • In the rare instance that an additional procedure is required to be billed to research, add the additional procedure to the visit.
    • If there is additional information that could be helpful for the charge review team, document in the clinical comments of the Subject Visit page.
  • If a screening procedure occurs PRIOR to the actual screening visit, add an additional visit in OnCore and add the procedure to the visit. The Additional Visit could also be used throughout the study as needed.