OnCore Overview

OnCore is currently being used by Indiana University in collaboration with our key research partners to record, manage and report clinical research data. The web-based system provides users secure access from any location.

All clinical research studies conducted at Indiana University and IU Health require entry into OnCore if they include a prospective component and provider services and/or require informed consent. 

OnCore Building Blocks

Protocols are the foundation of all OnCore functionality and features. Protocol information must be entered in OnCore before building calendars, creating a protocol budget, enrolling subjects, tracking subject visits, or invoicing sponsors.


The PC Console (Protocol Coordinator Console) is the central repository for protocol information. Protocol coordinators track Protocol ID numbers, objectives, assigned staff, sponsors, participating institutions, regulatory information, investigational drug and device information, and other details of each research study.

OnCore Basics: Getting Started

OnCore Registration Requirements

Determine whether your clinical study should be entered into Oncore.

Subject Status Workflow

Subject Status Workflow

Protocol Status Workflow

To determine who is responsible for completing the OnCore steps and notifications, view the appropriate OnCore Protocol Status Workflow below.

Non-Cancer Center: Pre-Open to Accrual
Non-Cancer Center: Post-Open to Accrual
Cancer Center: Pre-Open to Accrual
Cancer Center Post-Open to Accrual

Request OnCore Access

Before OnCore access can be granted, basic training in OnCore is required. Click the button below to get started.

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