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Training Sessions

NOTE: Protocol & Subject Management Training must be completed before receiving OnCore access.

Training sessions covering the basic functions and requirements for OnCore entry will be held regularly, and all interested research staff are encouraged to attend. These sessions will include a general overview of OnCore’s Clinical Research Management module, registration, and data entry requirements (including what is necessary for PowerTrials use) as well as hands-on practice with members of the support team and other seasoned OnCore super-users.

More in-depth training will also be available by appointment and on an as-needed basis. We request that basic training of subject and protocol management be completed first. Additional training opportunities will also be scheduled throughout the year that includes searching and reporting functionalities and updates to the system

If you are interested in attending one of our scheduled training sessions, please click on the button below to register. This button will direct you to a REDCap form where you will be able to select trainings, dates and times. You can also get to the REDCap form from the training dates on the calendar.

Because our in-person training location may have limited seating, spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Departments or other large groups wishing to train together may also contact us to schedule a private session.

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Protocol & Subject Management 

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Advarra University

More information on all aspects of Advarra Technology Solutions (OnCore, Participant Payment, eReg) can be found on the Learning Portal or within Advarra University. This includes additional training guides, documents on functionality and planned improvements as well as training videos and webinars. When logged into any Advarra system, you may access the Learning Portal from within the application by going to the Help menu in the toolbar located under your name or by clicking on the “?” located in the upper right-hand corner of each page.


Research staff can also become part of the Onsemble Community, which is an exclusive group of research professionals who use Advarra solutions. Users from different organizations have the ability to connect with each other, share experiences, tips and tricks, workflows, SOPs, and trouble-shooting suggestions and solutions. Research staff wishing to access the site, may request a username and password from the site itself.