Research at Eskenazi Health

Research Password reset & Multi-factor Authenitication

Who: Researchers with an active Eskenazi Health account (e.g., current Epic, VPN, email, or network access) will need to come to Eskenazi Health change their Eskenazi Health password and enroll in Duo.

When: Mondays through Fridays, 6am—5pm.

Where: Eskenazi Health IT Help Desk in the lower level of the Fifth Third Bank Building, Room FL-400. (720 Eskenazi Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46202).

Enter the double glass doors on south side lower level (requires badge access*). Upon going through the second door, turn left. The second internal door on the left is room FL-400.

*If you do not have an Eskenazi Health badge, call 317-880-5589 or 317-880-7800 to be let in from the lower-level south entrance only.

What to bring: Bring a photo ID (e.g., Eskenazi Health badge, IU badge, or driver’s license) and the device you will use for Duo authentication. This must be a device that can use the Duo app or receive texts or phone calls.

You can download the Duo Mobile app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Note: If you already use Duo through other accounts, such as an IU account, you must still follow the process above for an Eskenazi Health account.

Please contact for policy questions, and the Eskenazi Health help desk at 317-880-7800 for technical questions.

To conduct research at Eskenazi Health, including recruiting participants, accessing health information and performing study procedures, two approvals must be obtained:

Eskenazi Health Notice of Research Approval

To begin the application process to obtain approval, please complete the Eskenazi Health Research Application.

More information can be found here.

Indiana University Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval

Learn more about Indiana University IRB.