New Research Billing Process

After the initial pilot phase, we will begin collaborating with additional research units to introduce their studies into the new process. As we do, we will work with study teams and administrators to assess the OnCore study portfolio and develop an implementation plan. Study teams can prepare for implementation by reviewing their current OnCore portfolio and updating study and subject statuses as needed. Additionally, we encourage study coordinators to attend our OnCore training sessions on Protocol & Subject Management and Calendar & Subject Visit Tracking.

Below we have listed some frequently asked questions. To learn more about the new research billing process or for additional questions, please contact Kelly Denney, Senior Coverage Analyst.

The new process is applicable to any study where charges for items, services, and procedures will flow through IU Health RCS.  

In addition to the OnCore Protocol Minimum Standardized Requirements and Subject Minimum Standardized Requirements, studies using the new process must have the following:

      • Applicable IU Health PO numbers documented in OnCore
      • Protocol calendar and coverage analysis built in OnCore prior to enrollment
      • Protocol and subject statuses updated in OnCore
      • Subject visits and procedures tracked and reviewed for accuracy within 24 hours

When a study is flagged for inclusion, the OCR will confirm that the study calendar and coverage analysis are complete and that all information required by RCS has been added to OnCore. The OCR will then append a new “RCS — IU Health Revenue Cycle Services” management group to the study. This management group will pull the necessary study and patient level information into a report that is transmitted to RCS daily and prompts RCS to place and manage the bill hold for research subjects based upon their OnCore status. 

As charges are held, they route to individuals who review the coverage analysis and subject visit calendar within OnCore as well as the patient’s medical record to direct the charges to the appropriate payer.