Meeting research recruitment targets can be a challenge, but through the Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute, IU has made that easier by maintaining a volunteer registry. Currently, about 9,000 full and partial individual profiles populate the ALL IN for Health volunteer registry. Community members who have expressed a willingness to be contacted (and participate) in research projects for which they may be eligible have given their informed consent and entered their individual health information into the registry. Researchers can request that the CTSI query the registry for those individuals who are eligible for their studies. The current listing has 500 studies open for recruitment to the public. People who are interested in participating in research can review the categorized studies to find one that interests them and contact the study team. The online platform that streamlines the study recruitment process is called iConnect.

Study Recruitment

iConnect enables researchers to:

      • Create participant-friendly study pages
      • Setup and manage recruitment campaigns for a variety of outreach tactics like flyers or online ads
      • Filter out false leads using pre-screeners
      • Communicate with prospective participants
      • Track referrals using an automated tracker
      • Measure ROI across different outreach channels using trackable phone numbers, links and emails
      • Query for matching prospective participants in the volunteer registry

With iConnect, prospective participants can:

      • Access a centralized up-to-date portal to learn about and match with ongoing studies at IU and IU Health
      • Self-screen to determine if they pre-qualify for studies
      • Communicate with study teams directly
      • Sign up to receive alerts for future studies
      • Engage in educational online presentations that showcase our clinical research enterprise

To request an iConnect account, or use the volunteer registry for recruitment, please click on the Calendar Training schedule below to register for a training session.

If you are unable to attend a pre-scheduled training, you may request an alternate training date/time during registration and a member of the iConnect Admin team will reach out to you about scheduling. If you have further questions, please contact us at inhealth@iu.edu.

New iConnect Features

Reach registry volunteers directly

To facilitate higher volumes of connections to registrants, study teams will now be able to perform email outreach directly to anonymized registry volunteers who match to their study.

More comprehensive filtering

Study teams can view study specific match results from the dashboard and proceed to apply additional filters or initiate the outreach to the matched profiles.

Track volunteer outreach

Each outreach message sent to volunteers generates a trackable recruitment campaign to provide real time insight into the success of the outreach.

New questions on volunteer form

Several new questions related to COVID-19 have been added to the volunteer registration form.

Improved password complexity

The password complexity requirements for account login have been enhanced, providing greater security for all user types.

ReCaptcha enabled

The reCaptcha security feature is now enabled on the “Contact Research Team” forms for all users, including volunteers.

Amended legal auth language

The language has been updated for a person who creates an account for “someone else, as their caregiver.”

Enhanced My Referrals tracking

On participants’ Referral View page, the Notes section now updates the name of the user who updates it, along with the date and time of the update.

Updated security measures

iConnect cloud infrastructure now specifies and operates within a more secure virtual private cloud (VPC) network.

Investigators profile pictures

Investigators can upload profile pictures from the Dashboard to improve the patient experience.

Improved message for research Volunteers

The message displayed at the top while logging in the volunteer dashboard was not optimized for volunteers. The language is updated to “Welcome to the ALL IN 4 Health Volunteer Registry. Your dashboard simplifies your iConnect experience, automates your search for research studies and accelerates connections.”

iConnect Training

iConnect training details the management/administrative use of the iConnect application from the study team’s perspective while also showing what the participants/volunteers will encounter while navigating through the website. The training covers these topics:


Communicating with prospective participants and tracking email referrals using an automated tracker


Filtering out false leads using a pre-screener


Setting up and managing recruitment campaigns for a variety of outreach tactics like flyers or online ads


Measuring ROI across different outreach channels using trackable phone numbers, links, and emails

All IN for Health iConnect IRB Templates Guide

Please refer to our All IN for Health iConnect IRB templates for guidance and recommended language when using the registry and study listing(s) for recruitment.

Training Calendar


The All IN for Health iConnect platform received a major upgrade in November 2022. Due to this, all current users (those who have already been trained and have an active iConnect account) will need to complete a training for 2023 to learn about the new system enhancements and changes.  New users (anyone who has NEVER been trained in iConnect and does not have an iConnect account) must complete a training session in order to be granted account access to the system.

Please register for an iConnect Training session using the calendar below.

Thank you,
The All IN for Health Team – inhealth@iu.edu

Special sessions are in Orange.
Regular training sessions are in Blue.