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eLearning Modules

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Module 1

Protocol Status: Pre-open to accrual
Learn how to manage and maintain your protocol pre-open to


Module 2

Protocol Status: Post-open to accrual
Learn how to manage and maintain your protocol post-open to accrual.

Module 3

Subject Registration
Learn how to search for existing subject records, create new subjects, and add subjects to the protocol.

Module 4 

Subject Management
Learn how to manage and track subject visits from consent through off-study status.

OnCore Training & Access

Training sessions covering the basic functionality and requirements for OnCore entry will be held regularly, and all interested research staff are encouraged to attend. These sessions will include a general overview of OnCore’s Clinical Research Management module, registration, and data entry requirements (including what is necessary for PowerTrials use) as well as hands-on practice with members of the support team and other seasoned OnCore super-users. Training must occur prior to receiving OnCore access. 

More in-depth training will also be available by appointment and on an as-needed basis. We request that basic training of subject and protocol management be completed first. Additional training opportunities will also be scheduled throughout the year that includes searching and reporting functionalities and updates to the system

If you are interested in attending one of our scheduled sessions, please click one of the following hyperlinks to register and enroll in either Protocol & Subject Management Training or Calendar & Subject Visit Tracking Training: Indiana University or IU Health and Other Affiliates.  These hyperlinks will direct you to a REDCap form where you will be able to select trainings, dates and times.  Training information is available below as well.

Because our training location may have limited seating, spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Departments or other large groups wishing to train together may also contact us to schedule a private session.


Please see below for class information:

ClassDescriptionDate & TimeLocationClick on the appropriate hyperlink to register for a training session
Forte Participant PaymentsParticipant Payments helps sites, sponsors and CROs securely and effortlessly pay participants after each visit. Reduce administrative burden and improve operational efficiency by eliminating manual and time-consuming processes.

• Pay automated stipends immediately
• Streamline the travel reimbursement process
• Keep track of finances with built-in reports
• Monitor finances with increased security features

Forte Academy

Indiana University Employees


OnCore: Protocol & Subject Management TrainingProtocol and subject management are the foundation of all OnCore functionality and features. Protocol information must be entered in OnCore before enrolling subjects, building calendars, tracking subject visits, and much more. This training session will teach you the following:

• Review the Study Intake Form in REDCap
• Track additional Management Details
• Assign additional Staff to a Protocol
• Document IRB reviews
• Change Protocol Statuses
• Register Patients to a Study
• 07/23/20
• 08/04/20
• 08/20/20
• 09/3/20
• 09/17/20

1:00-4:00 P.M.
Zoom Web Conference

Indiana University Employees

IU Health and Other Affiliates

OnCore: Calendar & Subject Visit Tracking TrainingYour protocol has a calendar that defines a schedule of visits (when a subject is to be seen) and what procedures will be performed during each visit. This training session will teach you the following:

• Confirm Subject Visits & Procedures
• Reschedule Subject Visits & Procedures
• Create additional Visits & Procedures
• Update Visits using My Console
• Navigate My Calendar
• Run Planned Visits Report
• 07/14/20
• 07/28/20
• 08/13/20
• 08/25/20
• 09/10/20
• 09/24/20

1:00-2:30 P.M.
Zoom Web Conference

Indiana University Employees

IU Health and Other Affiliates


Training & Support DocumentsDocument Description
Forte Payments User Group Meeting Webinar
KC IRB/OnCore Integration Webinar
How to Complete an Initial IRB Review Record in OnCore
How to Complete a Reliance Request Review Record in OnCore
KC IRB-OnCore Integration FAQ
OnCore Requirements FAQ for VA ProtocolsThe purpose of the this FAQ is to aid researchers in determining whether or not a VA study should or shouldn’t be eligible for entry in OnCore
OnCore Status Workflow - Non-Cancer Center
OnCore Status Workflow - Cancer Center (non-CTO)
OnCore Requirements for Multi-Site Studies FAQ
The aim of this FAQ is to provide guidance surrounding Multi-site studies and the unique situations research departments encompass in regards to how subjects are recruited, and of those subjects, should be included in OnCore.
OnCore Registration RequirementsThe purpose of this flow diagram is to aid researchers in determining whether or not their clinical study should or shouldn’t be eligible for entry in OnCore
Accrual Rate Metric FAQ
Proprietary OnCore Documents
To view and download our proprietary OnCore documents, which include training guides, minimum standard requirements, registration requirements, helpful one-pagers, workflows, FAQs, and PowerTrials documents, please click the following link that will direct you to our IU Box Training & Support folder.

Sign into the Central Authentication Service (CAS) using your IU credentials to access the documents.


More information on all aspects of OnCore can be found on the OnCore Learning Portal. It includes additional training guides, documents on functionality and planned improvements, as well as training videos and webinars.  When logged into OnCore, you may access the Learning Portal from within the application by going to the Help menu in the toolbar or by clicking on the “?” located in the upper right hand corner of each page. Research staff can also visit, a site created for the OnCore community, which allows users from all organizations to connect with each other, share experiences, tips and tricks, workflows, SOPs, and trouble-shooting suggestions and solutions. Research staff wishing to access, may request a username and password from the site itself.